Join us

Singing with a choir has all kinds of benefits, from increasing your circle of friends and being part of a group of like-minded people, to increasing your well-being.

We rehearse on a Monday evening, currently at La Sainte Union Catholic School from 7.45pm to 9.45pm – with tea and cakes in the break! The first rehearsal of our next term will be on Monday 3rd September.

What normally happens is that when people make an enquiry, we invite them to attend a rehearsal and experience us at first hand. If you want to join, the next stage is a simple audition which consists of a simple assessment to place their voice part and a basic test of sight singing.

We welcome all enquiries, although we’re particularly looking for tenors at the moment and we’re a bit limited on spaces for sopranos, altos and bass voice parts.

So if you’d like some quality choral music in your life, why not join us?

Contact Hilary – our Membership Secretary – through and she’ll be in touch to welcome you to rehearsal!

We hope to see you soon.