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This is London (Evening Standard) November 4 2011

Founded in 1878 (only nine years after the first performance of Brahms’ Requiem!) Highgate Choral Society is one of Britain’s longest established community choirs, with over 200 members. It enjoys widespread critical acclaim and has an enviable reputation for the high standards of its concerts.

CLASSICAL AND JAZZ: Highgate Choral Society gives a tremendous performance at All Hallow’s Church

Camden New Journal, 15 November, 2012 by SEBASTIAN TAYLOR

Elgar’s setting of Cardinal Newman’s poem The Dream of Gerontius is one of the great pillars of the British choral tradition and the Highgate Choral Society gave a performance of distinction on Saturday at All Hallow’s Church in Hampstead.
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Tenor nails heroic struggle: Dream of Gerontius, Highgate Choral Society  
by Michael White, Ham and High, November 29th 2012

All Hallows, Gospel Oak, is an Anglican church of Catholic leanings so I don't know if the portrait of Cardinal Newman hanging by the chancel steps last weekend was a permanent fixture or there for the occasion. But either way, it blessed this performance of the Dream of Gerontius...
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CLASSICAL AND JAZZ: Gospel according to Highgate

Camden New Journal, 12 July, 2012  by SEBASTIAN TAYLOR  

Wonders never cease! African protest songs sung by the staid Highgate Choral Society conducted by Ronald Corp!  
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Conducting another birthday is icing on the cake for Ronald Corp
Michael White, Music correspondent, Ham & High, Friday, July 1, 2011

Highgate Choral Society’s musical priest gears up for round two of his 60th

It isn’t just the Queen who manages to have real and official birthdays in the same year. Conductors do it too, on reaching ages of significance. And 60 is significant enough for Ronald Corp – conductor of Highgate Choral Society, the New London Orchestra et al – to have had his birthday back in January but be having it again, officially, at the Royal Festival Hall next month. [full text here]

Camden New Journal, 10 March, 2011 by SEBASTIAN TAYLOR

THE Highgate Choral Society is back on form. Its performance of Handel’s Messiah at St Joseph’s Church, Highgate Hill, on Saturday reached the high standards expected of the choir, with all four sections singing well, with excellent entries and confident handling of the fugues.
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The boy from Highgate choir now has a starring role
Michael White, Ham & High, 24 February 2011

A former pupil returns to sing with the choir on March 5

When Highgate Choral Society takes on Handel’s Messiah at St Joseph’s in Highgate next month it will be with a countertenor singing the alto arias. Though that may sound adventurous to older listeners who’d rather hear Dame Janet Baker, it’s a common enough thing to do.
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From Michael White's blog http://jennifervyvyan.org/wp/?p=82
A Big Messiah in North London, posted on March 13, 2011 by Michael White

When Jennifer Vyvyan did her Messiahs – and heaven knows, there were enough of them – they generally came big: in the venerable English choral society tradition with serried ranks of vocal beefcake in support and the likes of Malcolm Sargent, Thomas Beecham or Adrian Boult in charge.
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Choral Society rises to toughest of challenges
Monday, November 30, 2009, Michael White

Because music critics tend not go to concerts that begin with the 1812 Overture, we tend to forget what an extraordinary score it is
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After 130 years of rehearsals, Highgate Choral Society is far from amateurish
Thursday, March 26, 2009 BY MICHAEL WHITE, Ham & High

If you’ve ever wondered why the top of Highgate Hill gets crowded around 8pm on Mondays, or why the neighbouring pubs are suddenly full two hours later, the answer in both cases is the Highgate Choral Society.
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A Requiem to remember
Review by Michael White from the Ham & High 23 July 2009.
HIGHGATE CHORAL SOCIETY: All Hallows Church, Gospel Oak
Five star rating *****

Verdi's Requiem is one of the great monoliths of choral singing; moving it isn't the easiest of operations. Yet it does need movement - and the striking thing about this HCS performance was its energy and pace, skilfully driven by conductor Ronald Corp.
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Review by Michael White from the Ham & High
HIGHGATE CHORAL SOCIETY: All Hallows Church, Gospel Oak
Friday, July 18, 2008
Four star rating ****

To find one outstanding piano soloist slipped into the line-up for a north London choral concert would be remarkable enough. Two verges on extravagance.

But two there were in Highgate Choral Society's madly extravagant concert at All Hallows last week.
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Raising the bar for community choirs
Michael White, 6 November 2008, Ham and High

Ronald Corp is an all-round champion of amateurs - as the conductor of a choral society, orchestra and children's choir and a composer of music for them.

As somebody who has enough trouble dealing with one, relatively uncomplicated life, I'm always perplexed by people like Ronald Corp who deal with several and appear to slip in between them effortlessly.
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Full house for Tippett
by Jane Wild, Camden New Journal 2005

WHEN many good concerts struggle to fill seats it is heartening to see the Highgate Choral Society continuing to command such an impressive turnout.
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Extracts from the blog of local MP Lynne Featherstone (Hornsey and Wood Green)

14th November 2010
A magnificent performance of Mendelssohn’s Elijah last night by the Highgate Choral Society (of which I am a patron).
Ronald Corp was the conductor, the New London Orchestra played the music – five soloists took the solo characters – but the real stars are without doubt the Highgate choristers – the many local people who every Monday night rehearse and rehearse year in and year out. When the Chorus takes off and swells and soars to the rafters – those are incomparable moments.
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