Highgate Choral Society, North London

Members' page

Members of HCS can click the button to access the members only website for rehearsal schedules, contact details, the booking form for our tour to Munich, music order forms, other choir documents (and a selection of members' photos). Click here if you need any help accessing the site.
The choir now has a NEW online discussion forum (for members only). We would like everyone to register, and use it for lively interaction! We're all used to sitting through announcements and receiving emails from HCS, and this is a chance to have your own say, about music we might sing, fundraising ideas, or how to get your bassoon fixed! You can also advertise other events of interest to members of the choir be they concerts, tours, workshops or something completely different. You can browse the forum when you feel like it, or receive emails about particular topics when people comment. You don't have to reveal your email address to others on the forum, and they can still use the forum's private messaging system to write a message only you will see. Click to log in or to 'register' if it's your first time.

A small but growing selection of pictures...

flashmobMembers (and others) might enjoy the video of the Brent Cross Flash Mob: at Christmas 2010, HCS members and other singers surprised innocent shoppers by bursting into song.  Not a typical HCS performance, but it was fun and you can see the video here on YouTube.