Highgate Choral Society, North London
This concert took place on Saturday November 9 2013 

African Sanctus & Zimbe

Monteverdi Vespers of 1610

Ronald Corp – conductor  
Zoe Brown - soprano
Elaine Tate - soprano
Nicholas Mulroy - tenor
Ben Alden - tenor
Tom Dupernex - tenor
Jonathan Sells - bass
Philip Tebb - bass
with New London Children's Choir and
New London Orchestra

The Vespro della Beata Vergine, more usually known as the Vespers, is widely acknowledged to be one of the most impressive 'calling cards' in musical history. Dissatisfied with his work at the court of Vincenzo Gonzaga in Mantua, Monteverdi travelled to Rome in 1610 for an audience with Pope Paul V, possibly seeking a bursary for his son. He took with him his own newly-published Mass (Missa in illo tempore), dedicated to the pope; in the same volume was a setting of the main movements of the Vespers together with an additional setting of the Magnificat, an opening Toccata adapted from his earlier opera, Orfeo, and five 'sacred concertos' for various voices.

We are grateful to the Hall family for their sponsorship of some of the period instruments used in the performance